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What has you excited about the #GIGABYTE RTX 2080? What would you like to see on a future #AORUS version?3617
>> How did you manage to combine the story and the graphics perfectly together?
This is actually a difficult task. Each project has its limited resources, and our work must meet a certain of expectation under such constraint......"

read more ...
THANK YOU for being one of our 3 million AORUS Fans! 🎉

Let us know where you are & We will show you more 😉
Go 👉🏻

Event Duration: From Now to August 30, 2018!

#AORUS #Aorus3MCelebration
Look what we have here 🤔 What could it be?
#GoBeyond #AORUS
Our latest creation is here. Say hello to the GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

Learn more:
AORUS added 4 new photos.
AORUS live from Caltopia 2018
AORUS was live.
The AORUS K7 Keyboard. It's sleek, has RGB, has interchangeable keys, and performs like a boss. What more can you ask from a keyboard? Out of stock on Newegg but available on Amazon!
the X399 AORUS Xtreme Motherboard shines as bright as the specs!392
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta performance video is here.
Did you enjoy the beta test?
If you have not already entered YOU SHOULD! Enter to win the International 2018 PC Giveaway (Powered by AORUS, Evil Geniuses, & AMD) Entry link:
Congratulations to our #aorustv winners from last week's livestream giveaway! Tune in next Wednesday at 3pm PST for more giveaways and fun content!135
72 Hours. #BeForTheGame
72 Hours. #BeForTheGame.
AORUS shared NVIDIA GeForce's video.
Here are the 5 most intense fights during the US Online qualifiers!

Who will be representing #US to the Grand Final in Paris?
Don’t forget to watch our TOP 5 gameplay video to see which team has the best potential!

Ready to hunt down the monsters?
I really like this game, please fix network issues😿
Take a look at one of our community member's post Jmmods! Pretty cool stuff!
AORUS RGB infinity backplate
AORUS shared Jmmods's post.
Two strangers met in a game and destined to become teammates to attend AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament!
At last, these two will be representing China in Grand Final qualification. See them in Paris!

Read more story about them:

"The performance is staggering, and the RGB is dazzling. Highly recommended." Thank you @eteknix for your positive review! Link to review: #pcsetup #aorusgaming #aorus #custompc #rgbram #gigabyte #pcbuilds597
Enter now to win the International 2018 PC Giveaway (Powered by AORUSl, Evil Geniuses, & AMD Gaming) Entry link: ! See below for the PC specs!

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
Motherboard: X470 AORUS Gaming 7
Graphics Card: GIGABYTE ...
Come join Lindsey for another round of #aorustv! Watch now:
AORUS TV - #aorusplays CS:GO with Lindsey!
Hey! Come chat and hang out in our @discordapp ! Be the first to know the latest happenings within AORUS! Join now:
Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server ...
B450 Review Rewards! Write a review and we'll give you a $10 Steam code on us! refer to the link for more information:
AORUS updated their profile picture.11711
Tune in tomorrow at 3pm PST for yet another episode of #aorustv #aorusplays ! Join Lindsey as she plays yet another game! Live on both Facebook and Twitch! See you there!121
AORUS shared NVIDIA GeForce's video.
Join Lindsey as she unboxes and dives into what our new AORUS 16GB RGB Memory has to offer! Now available for purchase on both Newegg & Amazon!


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Learn more about our B450 AORUS PRO WIFI motherboards on our blog along with others! … #motherboard #custompc #technology #pcbuild #gigabyte #aorus #aorusgaming #techie
The launch of AMD’s B450 chipset now completes the full range of compatible motherboards for ...
Join us for episodes of #aorustv live every Wednesday at 3pm PST!173
Join Van as he walks you through the cool features our new X399 AORUS Xtreme Motherboard has to offer! Now available on both Newegg & Amazon!


Follow us on Social Media:
Twitter: ...
Check out this awesome video by Level1Techs doing a build featuring GIGABYTE products! Awesome! #pcbuild #computercomponents #gamingpc #pcgaming
Buy the Quadstellaer Final Facemeplting Specs: Quadstellar case from Deepcool Threadripper 1950X (299...
Purchase any qualifying AORUS Radeon RX graphics card and get 3 PC games for FREE! That's right... FREE! #AMD #graphiccards #pcgaming #gamingpc #gamersunite #gamer93
Blocking and Tackling...Hail Mary pass!
Did you play the new game Madden NFL 19?

AORUS added 4 new photos.
type at the speed of light.... literally ⚡️ with the AORUS K9 keyboard's Flaretech optical switches, no letters left behind. #gamingkeyboard #rgb #pcgaming #gamingpc #GamerRiseUp282
Oooo ahhhh! The new X399 AORUS Extreme Motherboard not only performs like a beast, but also puts on quite the flashy statement 👌👍✨ Now available for purchase on Newegg ( & Amazon ( #gamingpc #pcgaming678
AORUS X5/X7 DT extreme gaming laptops provide not only ultimate performance in AAA titles but also great video/audio editing efficiency!

#X5 #X7DT
Learn more:
Lindsey and Van are back at it with #AorusTV! Come hang out and learn about our new announcements, giveaways, and much more! 🤗
AORUS was live.
Tune in today at 3pm PST for another episode of #aorustv! Tech talk, community interaction and just having a good time! Giveaways to follow! See you there!140
Not one. Not two. But THREE free games! When you buy a Radeon RX Vega, RX 580 or RX 570 you’ll get Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Strange Brigade, and Star Control: Origins absolutely free!
AORUS shared AMD Gaming's photo.
Fallout 76 beta progress will carry over to the final game, and PC version will be available on only.5354
Take a closer look at our long awaited 16GB RGB RAM! Available 8/10/18 at midnight on Newegg and Amazon!


Follow us on Social Media:
It's still not too late! Submit your battlestation images for #boastyourbattlestations and/or your gameplay clips for #clipmyclip for a chance to be featured in our #aorustv livestream tomorrow at 3pm PST! Giveaways to follow!!559
Take a closer look at the beautiful elements our B450 AORUS PRO WIFI Motherboard has to offer. Now available for purchase on both Newegg and Amazon!


Follow us on Social Media:
Twitter: ...
B450 Review Rewards! Write a review and we'll give you a $10 Steam code on us! refer to the link for more information:
AORUS GTX 1070 RX 580 Gaming Box... unlock the potential of your battlestation. ✨⚡️ check out a review by Hardware.Info:
Our AORUS community member Ace Yu is currently rocking all the necessary AORUS components and peripherals! This is going to be one sick battlestation! #boastyourbattlestations567
#Adalie is in Shanghai #ChinaJoy! ✈
Can you guess what game she was trying to portray?
She also played with a former LOL champion #Misaya at our AORUS booth!
Check out the video now! Show all of the adorable moments ...
🎉To celebrate the winning of G2 Esports in Rift Rivals 2018, we are giving away an AORUS GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti graphic card and a Rift Rivals 2018 mouse pad for a lucky fan.

Event period: Aug. 7th ~ UTC ...
We will be giving away an #aorus Ultra Dream Machine for /r/buildapc's 1 million subscriber giveaway! Please refer to the link for more details: … #giveaway #gamingpc #pcgaming #reddit #gamer #gaming #GamersUnite #GamersRiseUp 581
We love seeing our community get involved! Submit images of your battlestations for a chance to be featured on our #aorustv livestream this Friday! ALSO.... submit clips of your gameplay that you found either hilarious or awesome for it to ...653
Here are Top 6 standings heading into the US Regional Final of #AorusOpen2018!
Please stay tuned and LIVE will be available on 1–2 September.
See you at PAX WEST!

1️⃣ ven9vipers
2️⃣ The Gosu Crew
3️⃣ HavoK Esports
4️⃣ Team ...

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