AORUS GeForce RTX™ 30 Series

Introducing MAX-Covered Cooling

The Ultimate Cooling Solution for NVIDIA RTX 30 Series GPU.

The Power Is In Your Grasp

Extreme Gaming Performance

Game without limits, enable RTX Raytracing and hit untold framrates on high resolution with MAX settings. All thanks to the MAX-Covered Cooling on AORUS RTX 30 Series graphics cards.

A Content Creation Powerhouse

Cut rendering times for video or 3D workloads all down to the MAX-Covered Cooling on AORUS RTX 30 Series graphics cards.

MAX-Covered Fan

Stack Fan

100% Airflow Coverage of The Heatsink.

Wind Claw

Improved Air Intake From Fan Edges.

Alternate Spinning

Eliminates Air Turbulence Between Fans.

Stack Fan

The pinnacle in thermal engineering from Team AORUS. By stacking the side fans above the middle fan, The Stack Fan minimize the airflow dead zone that was found in the conventional GPU cooling design and guarantees 100% airflow coverage of the heat sink. Peak thermal efficiency for MAX GPU performance.

Wind Claw

Our exclusive static fan blades attached to the fan module of AORUS RTX 30 series graphic cards. The blades are designed to channel the airflow to cover the full extent of the heat sink for significantly improved thermal efficiency.

Alternate Spinning

Alternate Spinning on our fans is designed to eliminate any turbulence by having the central fan module spinning in an alternative direction to the adjecent fans, air turbulance can be significantly reduced while maintaining air pressure against the cooling area.

Alternate Spinning

Smooth Airflow

better heat dissipation

Standard Spinning

Turbulent Airflow

worse heat dissipation

Get MAX-Coverage for MAX power

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